Be Bold For Change!


It’s International Women’s Day and all around the world women are celebrating, while wholeheartedly answering a call to action – to #BeBoldForChange!

This struggle is real, the call to action is imperative – and it is timely.

Yesterday, I spent my afternoon in the company of hundreds of women and men who gathered together not out of want, but out of necessity. Women and men who toted signs and pushed strollers – both clearly displaying their reasons for banding together to speak out, stand up, and be bold – for change, yes, but more importantly, for justice.

The recent acquittal granted by a Halifax judge in the case against a Halifax taxi driver charged for sexually assaulting an intoxicated, unconscious passenger, based on his finding that “clearly, a drunk can consent”, has caused outrage – and rightly so.

I shudder to think of the many times I could have ended up in the wrong car with the wrong driver. I count my blessings that as a woman who has relied on a service provided to get me home safely, it has always done just that.

It’s 2017. Should it really be necessary to have to denounce, in a public gathering, an acquittal that someone in power, in a justice system that should be protecting us, should never have made?

I’m all about rallying for equal pay for women and men! I’m cool with marching in parades that celebrate people of all genders and sexual orientation! A step forward, no matter how big or small, is a step in the right direction.

What we have here, is a giant leap back!

There may be blurred lines in the case, however they are not the result of a few too many shots at the bar.

The questions surrounding “consent” that this case has sparked, shouldn’t be up for debate and they sure as hell shouldn’t have to be up for appeal. “If I can’t say NO, I can’t say YES”.

I don’t often find myself at gatherings like the one I attended yesterday – however, I know that I am not alone in my feeling that, in the wake of this case that screams injustice, I am a second class citizen.

Today, being International Women’s Day, is a terrific reminder to all to do what we can, however we choose, to #BeBoldForChange. It is days like yesterday, tomorrow and the day after that, that continue to remind us why it is imperative we do so.











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